Who's it for

If you work with more than just a couple of people and thier work times vary from one week to the next, then you probably already use a schedule. And if you don't already have a scheduler, then odds are you're creating your work schedule on paper, on a spreadsheet or some type of calendar software. The problem with this approach is that it can quickly become a lot of work for the person creating the schedule, who has to keep up with everyones work preferences and shift changes. And for the rest of the staff, these methods usually require them to either congregate in one location, or call in, or send an email just to find out their schedule. Then repeat the process all over again to make a schedule change!

With MyRoster, all of these issues are solved. first, by being an online document, schedule edits are reflected in real time, and communication is automated and documented in an easily accessible manner. The schedule manager can use simple templates to re-create schedules, and staff can review, accept or decline openings and manage shift changes and swaps on their own (with final approval by the schedule admin of course!)

MyRoster is also useful for the individual who has to work in more than one location, for example, at multiple jobs, They have even more of a need to keep track of varying schedules, with the added difficulty of having to go to different places or email different people just to know when their on. This can quickly become a full time job on its own.

So check out MyRoster Scheduler and its many features. Its free, and really easy to use.