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View Reports

The Group Administrator and Schedule Managers can view reports for all Shift Providers. Shift Providers are only permitted to view their own reports.

I. To View Reports for all:
A. Select the Report tab. This should automatically load totals for all Shift Providers, in the Currently displayed schedule month.
B. To change the date range, use the Date boxes for "From" date and "Until" date. (The date range limit for a free account is of 90 days).
C. Clicking on the "Holiday shift report" link will display all Shift Providers working on the Groups' recognized Holidays, if their are any.

II. To view the Shift Providers' own report:
A. From the month schedule view, select your name from the list of "Shift Providers". This will filter out all other names on the schedule.
B. Scroll down to the bottom of the schedule to see your shift report for the displayed schedule month.
C. To undo the filter, click the "All" link next to the filter list box, or select "Select Provider" from the list.