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Manage roles

MyRoster provides access control through user roles.

i. Shift Provider role:
A basic user or Shift Provider, is someone that  provides coverage for shifts on a schedule. They can request or swap shifts and also edit their own account.

ii. Schedule Manager role:
As the name suggest, a Schedule Manager creates and manages a schedule. They do not manage users. A Schedule Manager can also be a Shift Provider.

iii. Schedule Administrator:
The super user, who has all access privileges for managing the group, its members, shifts and schedules. There is usually only one Schedule Administrator
per Group.

There are 2 ways to assign a role.
1. Settings > Group members. Select a role to assign. By using this method, the user will also recieve all roles below the assigned role.
2. Settings > Group Settings. Go to the "Manage roles" section. Select a user. That users' current roles are displayed to the list box to the right.
    Select the roles to assign. (On Mac computers: CMD/CLICK; on WIndows: CTRL/CLICK).
3. Save and you're done!.

*This function is available to Schedule Administrators only