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Generate Reports

MyRoster generates reports for total shift days, shift hours, days off and holiday shifts

A. Selecting the "Reports" tab,  displays a report based on the date range in the "From" and "Until" Date boxes. This will usually be for the current month.

B. Generate reports for different date ranges by editing these dates, and clicking on the "Refresh" button. The maximum date range is 90 days.

C. Holiday reports, will display a report of the shift coverage for all of the Group Holidays. This report by default, will be for the
entire year The Holidays report can be sorted by Shift providers or by Holiday.

D. If you have setup shift constraints for your providers, you will be able to generate reports that reflect this, by selecting "Group report plus", or
"Group report by shift" from the reports menu. These reports will include a column called "Shift diff" which reflects the limitations placed on the providers' shifts.

*This function is available to Schedule Administrators and Schedule Managers only.