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Create a schedule

There are several ways to create a schedule.  After the schedule has been completed, it will still only be viewable by the Schedule Admin and Schedule Managers. In order to make the schedule available to be all group members, it would need to be published.
I. Simple Schedule
    If all you need is a simple schedule with a predictable format such that shift providers cover the   same activity, every day in a consecutive date range, then you can use this method.
    1. Go to Scheduler > Manage Schedule.
    2.  Select one of the scheduling options: "Quick entry", "Fixed Format" or "Templates".

        A. Quick entry: This method is straightfoward, and directions are provided in the form's dialog  box.
        B. Fixed format:
        i. Create a new schedule:
  • Select a shift provider from the drop down list
  • Select a shift 
  • Select a "Repeating frequency". This is the date range for the selected shift: "All week", "All month" or "Choose dates".
  • Click "Add Schedule" to generate the schedule.
        ii. Copy an existing schedule: TODO
        iii. Apply Template:
  •  The first time you select this option, you will be prompted to Create Templates.
  •  After creating a template, select it from the drop down list.
  •  Choose a start and an end date.
  •  Check the option to "Repeat pattern" if you would like the template pattern repeated continuously from the start date through the end date, otherwise the template is entered only once.
  •  Click "Add Schedule".

ii. Create a schedule by directly editing the Calendar.
    For more flexibility in making a schedule, you can simply edit the Schedule's Month calendar. There are a couple of ways to do this.
    1. Single entry.
        A. Select the Month Tab.
        B. Click on the date you need covered.
        C. A Dialog box appears. Enter the name of the Shift provider into the box. It should auto complete the name. Hit enter to select the highlighted name.
        D. Click the Save button to the far right of the dialog box to save your entry.

    2. Multiple entry. Use the "Copy and Paste" feature.
        A. Select the Month Tab.
        B. Above the Calendar and to the left, there are a series of buttons. Moving your mouse over them will give you a short description of what
            each one does.
        C. Select the 2nd from the left, titled "Add or remove multiple entries".
        D. Click this button to start "Copy and Paste". Then click on a date you need coverage for. A small dialog box pops up.
        E. Type in the name of the shift provider, then Click the Save button to the far right. (Remember to first save your entry before Clicking copy).
        F. The name you save is added as a "Single entry". Now click on that date, (or any date with the provider's name in it). This opens the dialog box a second time.
             Now click the "Copy" button- the first on the left. Any other date box you click on will automatically be populated with the name of the provider you copied.
             Continue this until you're done.
        G. When you're done making multiple entries, click on the same "Multiple entries" button you used to start the whole process. This prompts you to save your
        H. You can also use this same process to Delete multiple entries by copying and pasting from a blank date box.
*This function is available to Schedule Administrators and Schedule Managers only.