How does it work

MyRoster scheduler works in an intuitive manner. One or more schedule managers have access to create and manage work schedules. The remaining users/group members are able to view posted schedules online, by logging into the website. There are 3 ways to log in.
1. Group handle login. This method provides public access to a group's published schedule. The month calendar and the group's message board can be accessed either by entering a unique url into the browser in this format - or by entering a group handle, in this case, the word demo, on the login page.

2. Email-only login. Registered users or group members whose email address have been previously set by a schedule manager, can log into their account simply by entering thier email address on the login page. This simplifies the login process so that users wont have to keep track of yet another username/password combination just to review their schedule. If you're so inclined, for increased security, you can always modify you personal settings, so that the application requires that you to enter a password each time.

3. Email and password login. This traditional approach is the method required of all schedule managers. A schedule cannot be edited without signing in using this method. 

Creating a schedule is simple and there are a several ways to do it. Once a schedule has been created and published, a notice is placed on the message board, and a notification email is sent to all users with an email address. Logged in users can make requests to be placed on, removed from or swap a shift. When they do this, an email is sent to the prospective user and to the schedule admin. When the offer is accepted, an entry is automatically made on the schedule. 

Users can keep track of thier shift days/hours etc, by logging in and selecting their name from a list on the month view. Schedule managers get a more detailed report, including holiday shifts reports!

Users and managers can post random messages on a forum-style Bulletin board. This message board can be used in a manner similar to a workplace notice board. Automated messages, such as schedule postings, shift availability and shift requests are also automatically posted there as well.